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Benefit from Nearly 20 years of arts marketing experience

Kulture Partners founder and visual artist, James F Carr, has been helping business with marketing and promotion since 1999. Much has changed over that time, but the essential tactics and methods of arts marketing and promotion remain the same.

Are you serious about growing your profile as an artist but don’t know where to start? We want to help you lay the foundations for a successful creative business. Our arts marketing checklist will give you a process for thinking about what you need, before you ever spend a dime on advertising.

We know how challenging it can be to make a living as an artist. That’s why Kulture Partners is providing this resource, 100% free to the creative community.

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How will the checklist help?

Set Goals

You can’t use a map if you don’t know where you are headed. Determine what you want your creative business to look like in the future so you can plan how to get there.

Create Content

As an artist, you have a great resource to use for marketing — YOUR ART! Learn how to organize, prepare, and make the most of your creative output.

Build your Audience

Don’t waste time marketing to the wrong people in the wrong places. Decide who really wants your art and determine where to find them and how to reach them.

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